The Orange Code is a three-year process that started in November of 2015. It is also the culmination of work by the Orange County Mayor, the Board, staff, and stakeholders over the last four years (Read more about the History of the Orange Code on the About page).

Year One consists of:

  • Background research and initial recommendations documented in the General Assessment and Physical Assessment.

  • Public open houses, meetings and online forums to gain feedback from the general public and subject matter experts on the coding approach.

  • The development of two Code modules or “mini-codes” that will serve as a pilot project for the Orange Code.

In Year Two, the team produces a full draft of the new Orange Code with ongoing input from stakeholders.

Year Three includes additional stakeholder feedback to refine the draft and, finally, public hearings with the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of County Commissioners to adopt the new Orange Code.