Orange County has brought together a multidisciplinary and award-winning team of professionals combining national prowess, local knowledge, innovation, and depth of experience to evaluate and update our Land Development Code.


Orange County’s internal team includes multiple departments within Orange County who review plans and permit buildings on a daily basis as well as engage in long-term planning.


Based in Orlando since 1980, Canin Associates is a leader in the Central Florida planning community, designing new neighborhoods and communities throughout the region, the state, and internationally. Over the last ten years, Canin Associates has participated in sustainable community design in our region including developing the Sustainable Land Use Forecasts for MetroPlan Orlando which built on the How Shall We Grow regional vision. In addition to planning work, Canin Associates has produced award-winning projects in landscape architecture and home design.


Since 1980, DPZ has been instrumental in rediscovering the art of town planning and has become a recognized leader in the movement for sustainable community design nationally and internationally. DPZ developed and popularized the concept of Transect-based urban design, and establishing the first modern form-based codes, which included the development of the SmartCode, a Form-Based Code template which has been calibrated for hundreds of municipalities and developments across the United States.


Duncan Associates has led or assisted with comprehensive code updates for more than 100 local governments, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Tulsa, Los Angeles County, and Charleston County.


RCLCO is the leading real estate advisory consultancy in the United States advising both public and private clients. Since their founding in 1967, RCLCO has been at the leading edge of real estate trends and issues, offering strategic guidance that is always market-driven, analytically based, and financially sound.


McGuireWoods has comprehensive experience in matters of zoning, environment, administration, legislation, and government relations. The firm’s team-oriented land use practice has established individual relationships with state and local governing bodies, developers, homeowner’s associations, and other civic groups.


PRISMATIC is an Orlando-based creative firm that focuses on graphic design and social media for public engagement.


Luke Transportation Engineering Consultants develops transportation engineering solutions to improve the mobility and safety of all transportation system users in Central Florida.


WBQ is a local leader in the engineering industry advising the team on stormwater and utility related design standards.