A message from Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs

Since taking office in 2011, one of my continued priorities has been to work toward streamlining the County's development review processes, making them more transparent, efficient and predictable. A first step was to become more responsive to our customer needs in development permitting by establishing "One-Stop." I also created the Regulatory Streamlining Task Force to evaluate the County's development review processes, and in 2013 we embarked on the County's first Sustainable Orange County Plan, titled "Our Home for Life." This year, we will continue to move forward by bringing the County's 60 year-old land development code into the 21st century- a truly historic milestone for Orange County. Known as Orange Code, the new code process represents a radically simplified and sustainable way to govern how land is developed. Read more here...

What is the Orange Code?

The Orange Code is a vision for the future of Orange County’s places. Every city and county has a Land Development Code that describes where and how new buildings and communities may be built. While there have been many updates since Orange County’s Code was written in 1957, now is the time to look at the big picture. The Orange Code will refresh and rethink County’s place-making law to get it ready for 21st Century.

Orange Code will

Build places that are sustainable both environmentally and economically

Streamline regulation and reduce unnecessary red tape

Protect and enhance the character of Orange County’s diverse communities

Meet the needs of Orange County’s current and future citizens and businesses

Build beautiful places that are great to live, work, and relax


We’ve created multiple ways for you to get involved in the Orange Code. Public Meetings will begin in Summer 2016, check back for times and dates. However you interact we want to hear your hopes, dreams, and ideas for the future of Orange County.